Recent Updates – September 2012

The Shotokan Sensei website is an ever expanding project.  It began with the YouTube channel, then this site was added and now new projects are in the works…

Earlier this month, the Shotokan Sensei YouTube channel hit 1,000,000 views, which is obviously a big milestone, after just two short years of posting videos.  Due to the YouTube exposure, some interesting things have happened, and a couple of new projects are under development right now.

Also, this week a Facebook page for Shotokan Sensei was created, so please be sure to visit the page and add us to your FB “likes”.  Here is the link to the page:

In the coming weeks and months, more content will be added and more news and updates will be released.  Please stay posted by adding yourself to our mailing list (just send an email to, or by connecting with us through our new Facebook page or through the YouTube channel.

Thank you for your continued support.

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