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The Shotokan Sensei website also has a YouTube Channel that offers free videos on our style of Shotokan karate.  The videos focus on kihon, kata and kumite, as well as ideas and concepts, and also some videos from karate seminars.

Many of the videos can be found directly on this site, without the need to go to YouTube, and can be navigated through the different category links on the right side of each page.  However, if you would like to visit the actual YouTube site then just click on the following link:

Shotokan Sensei YouTube Channel

2 Responses to YouTube Channel

  1. Erzeel Patrick says:

    Dear Mr Walker,
    What a excellent site you made ! Very good explication of kata and kumite forms.

    I thank you very mutch for your contribution at the shotokan karate.

    Hope I’ll meet you once in person.

    Patrick Erzeel

    2e Dan Belgium

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